::my engagement picture::

helloooo peeps.. nie nad nak upload sikit few picture from my engagement ceremony.. nie pun amik dari my friend punya FB...alhamdulillah on dat day.. everything goin smooth..eventho de sikit masalah tapi the event goes beautifully.. bdw my engagement theme pink(actually tak plan pun kaler nie.. plan kaler biru)..nie la gambar2 yang sempat di ambil... so sila la layanzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzheheh

:: my uni fenz that coming on that day::
:: n bdw pelamin sarung cincin tu buat sendiri yer..::

:: wif mr bride to be::

:: fwenz dat coming on dat day::

:: i'm engaged::

:: my bff yang gediks...::

::my beautiful cincin tunang and merisik::


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