:: 9 mth to 12 mth before wedz checklist::

Nine To Twelve Months Before The Wedding

1. Reserve your photographer and video-grapher
- already done and secara official nyer sam rais will be my photographer

2. Choose the musicians, soloists and review music selection for ceremony/reception
- not decide lagi.. but i dah listed our love song that will be play on that day

3. Determine the number of guests for your family, his family, your friends,
his friends and their friends
still tengah mengira lagi berapa total our guest,
current list dalam 800 orang... huhu..hope tak ramai...

4. Shop for your wedding dress and accessories.
Schedule fittings and delivery date when buying or ordering
ok.. for wedding dress dah discuss dengan butik...
and we still dalam discussion..
nanti end of decemebr kena jumpa dorang for discussion lagi

5. Select a travel agent and start planning
for your honeymoon
hurm for honey moon.. not decide yet...
but dah ade dah dalam mind mana nak pergi for honeymoon..
hehe tengok budget gak nie..


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