::Perkahwinan Marion Caunter Dan SM Nasarudin::

hi guys... as we know SM nasarudin and marion akan kahwin in december rite!
so i dapat la few picture from beautiful nara about their wedding. it's totally gorgeous and beautiful
love the rose patch.. let picture tell everything about their solemnization day.
huhu.. kalau my wedz boleh cantik cmnie.. (*_*)
huhu.. berangan nie....

source picture: beautifulnara

:: What happen on 12.12.2010::


:: 9 mth to 12 mth before wedz checklist::

Nine To Twelve Months Before The Wedding

1. Reserve your photographer and video-grapher
- already done and secara official nyer sam rais will be my photographer

2. Choose the musicians, soloists and review music selection for ceremony/reception
- not decide lagi.. but i dah listed our love song that will be play on that day

3. Determine the number of guests for your family, his family, your friends,
his friends and their friends
still tengah mengira lagi berapa total our guest,
current list dalam 800 orang... huhu..hope tak ramai...

4. Shop for your wedding dress and accessories.
Schedule fittings and delivery date when buying or ordering
ok.. for wedding dress dah discuss dengan butik...
and we still dalam discussion..
nanti end of decemebr kena jumpa dorang for discussion lagi

5. Select a travel agent and start planning
for your honeymoon
hurm for honey moon.. not decide yet...
but dah ade dah dalam mind mana nak pergi for honeymoon..
hehe tengok budget gak nie..

::color theme::

hello.... rite now nad tengah google cari color ape yang sesuai for wedding. agak rambang mata gak ar tengok color2 nie... rasa nak pakai semua color la for my wedz nanti.. haha nanti macam circus plak.. ok actually bakal2 pengantin dorang suka guna tema color ikut dorang punya fav. but mine, is different.. untuk my wedz, nad tak mau ikut my fav color, kalau korang nak taw my fav color is blue... so tak kisah la pe jenis type of blue color, nad memang suka.. paling fav is aqua blue or turquoise.. itu memang la fav kaler... tapi for wedz, tiba2 nad tak nak plak...
ok from hasil google nad today, nad dapat la few sample for wedz color

::Theme pink shocking and white::

::theme red and orange:: (gorgeous giler)

::theme red and champagne color::

::theme soft green and champagne::

::theme blue and champagne::

::Theme aqua blue::

::theme green::

nie sample color2 yang nad dapat upload.. acutally banyak lagi.. but nad dah jadi confius nak decide nie... tapi inside my mind.. and asyik terpikir nak buat kaler red.. but not shocking red, dia macam red lembut, kalu tengok red tu macam nak pink pun ade.. but it's not pink k... hurm.. takpe nanti dulu.. tengok kaler2 lain lagi... hehe
ok for next entry as i promise nad akan ceritakan pasal my vendor for pelamin and baju.. ok see ya on next entry... luv ya... muaxxx

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