:: DIY - Doily paper envelope::

hye dears, hari nie nad nak share sikit on DIY, i found out this DIY kat this blog and comel giler.. boleh di gunakan for your solemnization card or wedding card or special wedding card.. cara buat pun senang jer, and why that envelope tu comel, coz envolope tu from doily paper and envelope tu jadi cam nie

hehe comel kan... so jum kiter belajar camne nak buat.

- 9 inch square doilies
- Vellum/tracing paper
- Craft Adhesive Spray
- Art Card
- Cutter/double-sided tape/cutting mat/ ruler

cara membuat pula... (jum layan gambar)
1. Create a template for the tracing paper/vellum. I used my old drawing block as the template. After a few attempts to get the right template, I am satisfied with my crisp looking template!

2. Trace the template into the tracing paper and use cutter to cut it. But for the folded side in the middle, use the blunt edge of the cutter to give a folding mark.

3. Spray the tracing paper with the Adhesive Spray. Don’t forget to put newspaper to cover the surrounding area. Leave it for 15 secs. Carefully stick it to the doilies, make sure it fits perfectly.

4. Fold the doilies to follow the tracing paper’s structure. Secure the inside of the envelope with double-sided tape. Voila! Beautifully hand-crafted envelope.

and tadaaaa. dah siap.. hehehe

so jum kiter try.. dapat buat sikit pun jadi la.. hehehe selamat mencuba...



  1. klau pos pakai sampul mcm ni..agak2 boleh tak?

  2. cantik! tp doily nie rege berapa?

  3. elya: huhu.. tu kena tanya postmen tu.. tapi nad rasa boleh kot...

    kina: ape lagi.. jum diy

    lyana: hye dear.. nad tak sure.. tapi de satu blog nie jual paper nie.. check this blog....http://jommkahwin.blogspot.com/search/label/for%20deco

  4. comelnyee.. tp rajin ke nk buat?heheeee~

  5. cantik la... I rasa mcm nak buat envelope for my wedding invitation .. tp kat mana yea nak cari doily paper ni ...can anyone tell me kat area KL mana jual doily paper love shape or square shape.mostly i tgk byk yg bulat

  6. cantik..nak cari kt kedai mane ye Craft Adhesive Spray ni dan tracing paper?

  7. hai..mana nak dapat doily paper square tu?? mostly bulat n square je..pening betul..


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