Pure Collagen Dust Hanis Zalikha

Finally i dah dapat my beautiful supplement from the famous blogger hanis zalikha.
Last 3 weeks, i drop email kat hanis zalikha and asking her about the product she use, iaitu This Pure Collagen Dust, and yes, she reply me and tell me the benefit using the product and i terus beli dari dia, alhamdullilah.. i dah dapt dah product tu. rite now tengah guna... hehehe
Pure Collagen Dust

ok nie i copy paste from email conversation between me and hanis. nie adalah FAQ about collagen dust and the benefit...

What is Collagen Dust™?
Collagen Dust™ is actually marine hydrolyzed collagen that is 100% fish protein base product. The results are progressive, it works from within and the longer you stay on the product, the better your results will be. You can say it is an alternative to having collagen and Botox injections.

Does it work for skin?
Yes, by supplementing internally marine collagen, your skin will improve. Mom been using it for 2years, she’s aging but it doesn’t show (not that fast, at least). Your skin really does get perkier with Collagen Dust™. I believe that my skincare works better thanks to it.

Does it work for nails and hair?

Yes and yes. Collagen strengthens brittle nails. Hair should also be stronger and more elastic from the result of taking collagen (from ingestion). I use it mainly for hair to be honest, since I am always in and out of the saloon putting chemicals on it T_T. Must. Strengthen. Hair.

Does it reduce joint and muscle pain?
We have found this to be true. It works for us, my mom the superwoman no longer suffers backache and I no longer find myself lenguh-lenguh lutut at night when I wear my heels for too long during the day.

Is it HALAL?
Yes, certified. Industry secret: Most beauty products have added some concentrated collagen powder (Collagen Dust™) in their product line. What you’re purchasing is the real deal. Okay lemme copy paste my mom email reply:
“Kolagen yang Kak Nani ambil itu tidak dijual  di pasaran. Kak Nani dapat dari seorang kawan yang supply concentrated marine collagen powder pada syarikat-syarikat kosmetik di Malaysia ni. Contohnya dia supply kat Sendayu Tinggi, product terbaru Chef Wan (Mavellous) dan hampir semua  syarikat product kecantikan di Malaysia ini. Ada status halal. Maklumlah, disupply ke semua syarikat kosmetik orang Melayu di Malaysia ni.
Tetapi penggunaan colegen didalam product mereka sangat sedikit. Manakala yang Kak Nani dapat dari supplier memang pure collagen dan keberkesanannya seratus peratus atau direct.”

How do I use it?
1-2 teaspoons per day for consumption, highly soluble in cold water (juice/Milo/teh ais), really suitable with liquid food (yoghurt/ice cream etc). DON'T PUT IN HOT WATER.
You can also mix a pinch of Collagen Dust™ with your moisturizer before applying to face. Sprinkle it in your body lotion for perky boobies.
Guna luar dalam for best result. 

Beautify and make yourself youthful with Collagen Dust™.
For tips & testimonials, follow Collagen Dust™ on Twitter: @CollagenDust

the spotlight/benefit on collagen dust nie :

1. Replace elasticity of the skin
2. For firmer
3. Even- Toned & Younger - looking skin
4. Rejuvenate, Regenerate & Revitalize the body skin
5. Smooth out fine lines & Wrinkles,
6. Create glowing & radiant complexion
7. Improve hair, nail & connective tissue
8. Treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis
9. Improve sleep pattern
10. Fat reduction

and lastly the Nutritional facts about Collagen dust

nampak tak? hehe tapi boleh baca lagi kan...

no wonder la hanis and mum dia nampak cantik and skin nampak smooth.. betul tak?

hanis zalikha and her mum
source: hanis zalikha blog

cantikkan dorang..... :)

so i dah try almost one week, alhamdulillah it's show a result, baru nampak result sikit, so i akan gunakan this product untill i rasa all my skin problem hilang. later i'll share and snap a picture before and after using it..:) T

Thanks hanis zalikha for the amazing beauty product. For those future bride to be, korang boleh gunakan product nie.
and you will look amazing and beauty on your big day.

if you guys ada pertanyaan and nak tanya camne nak order kat hanis zalikha or nak tanya ape yang i rasa bila dah guna product nie.. please fell free to PM me yer...... tata

footnote: bandung trip day 2 will been update soooonnnnnnn :)


  1. leh tau harga cologen ni berapa?cm berminat nak beli..tq

  2. shahida azlini: harga collagen nie RM170 termasuk posting.. you just email kat hanis zalikha nie.. email dia keknis@yahoo.com
    and you can baca kat blog dia nie..http://inibelogsaya.blogspot.com/2011/09/beauty-must-have.html
    you just email.. but she will reply a lil bit late taw.. just passion jer..

    damiya ahmad: yup both of them sangat2 hebat... :)

  3. awak pakai tak rasa macam bau2 ikan ke ek? hehe

  4. salm, u still guna produk ni ke ? da berapa lame ye ? berkesan ?


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    ◦Stimulates nourishes hair for stronger roots and dandruff -free scalp

    9. Argan Oil for Your Nails & cuticles.

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